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Quality Assurance

The Management of Baid Power Services Pvt. Ltd.  is committed to the continued enhancement of product excellence and service through the dynamics of its Reliability and Quality Assurance System, through the integrity of its people, and through the many professional disciplines engaged in new product development and process

It is the chartered responsibility of the Reliability and Quality Assurance Director to oversee and ensure enforcement of BPS Quality System. A timely review is undertaken to ensure continued development of a Quality System that maintains a competitive stance with the marketplace and meets customer requirements.

In-Process QC –

The primary responsibilities of the Quality

Control Department are to establish and maintain effective controls for monitoring manufacturing processes and equipment; to provide real time feedback of information concerning the state-of-control; and to initiate statistically valid techniques to further improve quality and reliability levels. This concept is used

extensively in, but not limited to, the following major Quality Control functions:
• Incoming Raw Materials
• In-process Wafer Fabrication
• In-process Assembly

Quality Assurance (Standard and Hi-Reliability) –

The primary responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Department are to assure that the delivered product meets workmanship standards imposed for standard or hi-reliability products and/or special customer requirements. This is accomplished through a program of process controls and gate inspections designed so that all devices are properly tested and sampled prior to shipment. Real time feedback, concerning control/inspection data, keeps all relevant personnel fully informed on the quality level of product going through final test operations. Major Quality Assurance functions include:
• Incoming Contract Subassemblies
• Outgoing Wafer Electrical and Visual Inspection
• Product Assurance Electrical Test
• Plant Clearance

Reliability –

The primary responsibility of the Reliability function is to assure that a high and consistent level of product reliability is continually being produced. The Reliability Department establishes, defines and maintains evaluation programs to determine process/product reliability. Major Reliability activities include:
• Failure Analysis
• Hi-Reliability Program




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