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BPS Servo Controller -Digital is total metering and control solution for servo stabilizers for wide range of input voltage and wide range of load requirement. This reduces production overheads like wiring and testing and increases
production rate of the voltage stabilizers.Designed with latest micro-controller technology the servo controller integrates multi parameter meters and servo
Servo_Controller AC synchronous motor controller driver.


• Wide Range of Aux Supply from 85-280 V AC (with built in SMPS).

Standard cut out(92 x 92) with low depth-65 mm.

• Digital Multi Parameter Meter with 3 digiti 7 segment Bright displays for -

a) Input Voltage

b) Output Voltage

c) Output Current

• Alarm & Fault indication by LEDs for

a) Over Load

b) Over Voltage

c) Under Voltage

• User programmable parameters:

Digitally programmable at site with push buttons on front panel.

a) Output voltage

b) Hysteresis- range- 0.5 to 5 V

c) Under Voltage cut out

d) Over Voltage cut out

e) Over Load cut out

f) Over Load latch / auto re-set with delay

g) Trip Delay Timer

h) On Delay Timer

i) CT Ratio selectable

j) Password protection

k) On delay time.

• Motor drive-

Triac based servo motor drive.

• Manual mode for field testing.

• Audio- Visual Alarm with Acknowledge/ Silent

• Panel mount Ergonomic design with easy to operate keys


• Single device for metering and control.

• No need PCBs,Switches,Meters.

 Reduces assembly & wiring time by 80%.


• Reduces manufacturing cost by 70%.

• Password protection for securing mishandling by un-authorized persons.

• Generation NEXT look of finished product.

• Enhances reliability .

• Same controller for any voltage or capacity range thus reduces inventory counts.

• Scrolling & Hold option for Display.

• Easy for servicing/replacing at site

                                                                                                    TYPICAL CONNECTION DIAGRAM FOR MODEL: BSVC-1PVA-1.3

Recommended for :                                                                         servo_diagram

• Single Phase Servo from 10 KVA and above

• Three Phase Servo from 30KVA and above

• For three phase, 3 controllers are to be connected

 with fault connections (9,10) in series.

• Direct drive for Motors upto 10 Kg.

• Standard metering CT to be connected XXX/5


                                                                                                   TYPICAL CONNECTION DIAGRAM FOR MODEL: BSVC-1PVA-1.4

Recommended for :                                                                        

• Single Phase Servo upto 10 KVA                                  Servo_Diagram_2                                                                     

• With Built -in buzzer

• To be connected with electronic CT,

 Model No: BCT-501

• Direct power for 12 V Cut-out relay upto 250mA.

• Select relay according to load requirement

• Direct drive for Motors upto 10 Kg.

Technical Specifications:

Aux. : 85 - 280 V AC

Accuracy : Class 1 [+/- (1% of full scale +1count)]  

Resolution : 1 count in 100 or better

Display : 3 Digit 7 seg. display

Triac(motor) : Max. 6 Amp.                                                                                                               

Weight : 270 gms (approx)                                                    front_diagram_of_servo

Dimensions : 96 x 96 x 65 (D) mm

CT Ratio : 5 Amps. - 900 Amps.(programmable)

Panel Cutout : 92 x 92 mm

Trip relay : 5 Amp. potential free

Buzzer : 12 V DC (Optional potential free)

Burden : 0.5 VA max.

Mounting : Panel Mounting

Ambient : 0-50 º C humidity < 95%








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